Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 2 - Tower of London and St. Pauls

By Mark Fitzgerald

  • Get up and get ready at 7:00 AM
  • Have cereal at apartment at 7:30 AM
  • Head out of the apartment at 8:00 AM and Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube
  • Take the 8:15 AM Tube Bakerloo to Jubilee at Baker St
  • Walk to the Shakespeare's Globe Theater and look around
  • Around 9:30 walk across the Millennium Bridge.  Then walk up to St. Pauls.
  • At 9:45 purchase Tickets for St Paul's Cathedral
  • Head out about 11:45 for lunch and window shopping at Leadenhall Market
  • On  your walk to the Tower of London walk by Monument of the Fire of London
  • Enter the Tower of London at 1:20 and grab the 1:30 Yeoman Warder Tour.
  • By 5:00 PM go an purchase tickets and wait for District Line Tube 
  • Grab some dinner before a 7:00 pm soccer game at Chelsea
  • Head home and call it a night

Detailed Itinerary:
ActivityArriveTime at DestinationDepartTravel Time to Next Dest
Get up and get ready7:00:0012:30:007:30:000:00:00
Breakfast (cereal at apartment)7:30:0012:30:008:00:000:09:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube8:09:000:02:008:11:000:04:00
Tube (Bakerloo to Jubilee at Baker St)8:15:000:18:008:33:000:20:00
Globe Theater8:53:000:20:009:13:000:15:00
Millenium Bridge9:28:000:12:009:40:000:07:00
Purchase Tickets for St Paul's Cathedral9:47:000:05:009:52:000:00:00
Bathroom break9:52:0012:05:009:57:000:00:00
SP: Nave9:57:000:30:0010:27:000:00:00
SP: Dome10:27:0012:40:0011:07:000:05:00
SP: Crypt11:12:0012:35:0011:47:000:15:00
Lunch (Leadenhall Market)12:02:0012:40:0012:42:000:00:00
Bathroom break12:42:0012:05:0012:47:000:09:00
Walk by Roman Wall12:56:0012:10:0013:06:000:13:00
Purchase Tickets for Tower of London13:19:0012:06:0013:25:000:05:00
TOL: Yeoman Warder13:30:001:00:0014:30:000:04:00
TOL: Crown Jewels14:34:0012:30:0015:04:000:04:00
TOL: White Tower15:08:0012:40:0015:48:000:04:00
TOL: Ravens15:52:000:10:0016:02:000:04:00
TOL: East Wall16:06:000:40:0016:46:000:04:00
Bathroom break16:50:000:05:0016:55:000:09:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube17:04:000:08:0017:12:000:05:00
Tube (District)17:17:000:29:0017:46:000:12:00
Dinner (fast food)17:58:000:41:0018:39:000:06:00
Soccer Game (Chelsea)18:45:003:00:0021:45:000:07:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube21:52:000:05:0021:57:000:05:00
Tube (Piccadilly Line)22:02:000:08:0022:10:000:10:00
Get ready for bed22:20:000:52:0023:12:000:00:00

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