Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 4 - Windsor

By Mark Fitzgerald
  • This day we will get up a little before 8 and get moving as soon as possible 
  • We want to be to Paddington Train station for the 8:55 train to Slough. At Slough we will change trains to Windsor & Eton Central. 
  • This will put us at Windsor Castle just about the time the gates open at 9:45.
  • About 1:15 head out for lunch at Papa Gs. This is right next the Windsor & Eton Riverside train station. 
  • Take the 2:23 train to London's Waterloo station.
  • From Waterloo walk 7/10th of a mile to the Imperial War Museum
  • The museum closes at 6:00. From there go to the City Cruise dock at Embankment for the 6:15 cruise to Tower Bridge.
  • By 7:15 arrive at St. Katherine's dock and find the Medieval Banquet
  • After a wonderful 3 hour event head home late for the evening
Detailed Itinerary:
ActivityArriveTime at DestinationDepartTravel Time to Next Dest
Get up and get ready7:50:000:30:008:20:000:00:00
Breakfast (granola, bring with you or if you have a first class ticket get food at the station)8:20:000:06:008:26:000:09:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Train8:35:000:13:008:48:000:07:00
Train to Windsor (Paddington)8:55:000:44:009:39:000:08:00
Purchase Tickets for Windsor Castle9:47:000:04:009:51:000:00:00
WC: Security9:51:000:04:009:55:000:00:00
Bathroom break9:55:000:05:0010:00:000:00:00
WC: Castle Precinct Tour10:00:000:35:0010:35:000:05:00
WC: North Terrace10:40:000:04:0010:44:000:06:00
WC: Changing the guard (lower ward)10:50:000:40:0011:30:000:04:00
WC: St. George's Chapel11:34:000:28:0012:02:000:07:00
WC: State Apartments12:09:001:00:0013:09:000:12:00
Lunch (Papa Gs)13:21:000:40:0014:01:000:00:00
Bathroom break14:01:000:05:0014:06:000:04:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Train14:10:000:09:0014:19:000:04:00
Train to London (Waterloo)14:23:001:01:0015:24:000:17:00
Imperial War Museum15:41:002:10:0017:51:000:00:00
Bathroom break17:51:000:05:0017:56:000:11:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Cruise18:07:000:08:0018:15:000:00:00
City Cruise18:15:000:30:0018:45:000:09:00
Take pictures of tower bridge and castle18:54:000:12:0019:06:000:09:00
Medieval Banquet19:15:003:00:0022:15:000:15:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube22:30:000:06:0022:36:000:04:00
Tube (Bakerloo and District)22:40:000:29:0023:09:000:14:00
Get ready for bed23:23:000:32:0023:55:000:00:00

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