Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 5 - Kensington (Alternative)

By Mark Fitzgerald
  • The alternative on this day is to drop Kensington Gardens and go to see the crown jewels. This is based on the assumption that the line would be too longat the Tower of London in the afternoon. This makes for a slightly more expensive day using the Tubes but less walking.
  • Get up and be ready to get out the door by 8:30 AM
  • This morning starts by heading back to the Tower of London
  • By 9:30 AM we are viewing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London
  • We will then walk across the Tower Bridge to the HMS Belfast for a 90 hour tour.
  • At 12:30 PM we will take the Jubilee and Piccadilly line to Harrods to pick up lunch and then eat in the park
  • From 2:15 till 5:30 we can visit the Hyde Park Chapel LDS Visitors Center, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum which are all nestled in together.
  • Take a picture with Lord Baden-Powell
  • We leave Kensington via the Piccadilly Line Tube (Piccadilly Line) to go to the a traditional British Dinner
  • We will end the evening watching The Lion King
Detailed Itinerary:
ActivityArriveTime at DestinationDepartTravel Time to Next Dest
Get up and get ready7:35:000:30:008:05:000:00:00
Breakfast (eggs at apartment)8:05:000:30:008:35:000:05:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube8:40:000:05:008:45:000:04:00
Tube (Circle Line)8:49:000:32:009:21:000:10:00
Crown Jewels9:31:000:45:0010:16:000:00:00
Bathroom break10:16:000:06:0010:22:000:05:00
Walk Across Tower Bridge10:27:000:07:0010:34:000:09:00
Purchase Tickets for HMS Belfast10:43:000:05:0010:48:000:00:00
HMS Belfast10:48:001:30:0012:18:000:00:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube12:18:000:06:0012:24:000:05:00
Tube (Jubilee Line)12:29:000:07:0012:36:000:11:00
Tube (Piccadilly Line)12:47:000:04:0012:51:000:08:00
Harrods (Lunch)12:59:000:30:0013:29:000:07:00
Park (eat lunch)13:36:000:30:0014:06:000:09:00
Museum of Natural History14:15:001:15:0015:30:000:05:00
Museum of Science15:35:001:15:0016:50:000:05:00
Hyde Park Chapel Visitors Center16:55:000:20:0017:15:000:00:00
Take a picture with Lord Baden-Powell17:15:000:05:0017:20:000:07:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube17:27:000:05:0017:32:000:05:00
Tube (Piccadilly Line)17:37:000:12:0017:49:000:09:00
Dinner (Traditional British)17:58:001:00:0018:58:000:05:00
Bathroom break19:03:000:05:0019:08:000:07:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube22:26:000:07:0022:33:000:04:00
Tube (Bakerloo)22:37:000:14:0022:51:000:14:00
Get ready for bed23:05:000:16:0023:21:000:00:00

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