Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 5 - Kensington

By Mark Fitzgerald
  • Get up and be ready to get out the door by 9:00 AM
  • This morning starts with a long walk through Kensington Gardens
  • By 10:00 AM head over to the Hyde Park Chapel LDS Visitors Center
  • At 10:30 walk across the street to the Natural History Museum
  • Take lunch at Rotisserie Bute Street at noon.
  • Get your picture with Lord Baden-Powell
  • After lunch head back over to the Science Museum
  • At 2:00 we will head over to Harrods for a little shopping and a snack
  • We leave Kensington via the Piccadilly Line Tube (Piccadilly Line) to go to the London Transport Museum. We will be there until 5:15 or so. 
  • After a traditional British Dinner we will wander over to the smaller St. Paul's Church
  • We will end the evening watching the Lion King
Detailed Itinerary:
ActivityArriveTime at DestinationDepartTravel Time to Next Dest
Get up and get ready7:55:000:30:008:25:000:07:00
Breakfast (french toast at apartment)8:32:000:30:009:02:000:15:00
KG: Italian Gardens9:17:000:05:009:22:000:05:00
KG: Peter Pan9:27:000:05:009:32:000:13:00
KG: Albert Memorial9:45:000:05:009:50:000:13:00
Hyde Park Chapel Visitors Center10:03:000:22:0010:25:000:00:00
Bathroom break10:25:000:05:0010:30:000:05:00
Museum of Natural History10:35:001:15:0011:50:000:07:00
Lunch (Rotisserie Bute Street)11:57:000:40:0012:37:000:00:00
Picture with Lord Baden-Powell12:37:000:05:0012:42:000:11:00
Science Museum12:53:001:00:0014:53:000:15:00
Harrods (Buy a snack)14:08:000:30:0014:38:000:11:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube14:49:000:06:0014:55:000:05:00
Tube (Piccadilly Line)15:00:000:08:0015:08:000:10:00
Purchase Tickets for Transport Museum15:18:000:05:0015:23:000:03:00
LTM: Ground Floor15:26:000:40:0016:06:000:03:00
LTM: Mezzanine16:09:000:20:0016:29:000:03:00
LTM: 2nd Floor16:32:000:20:0016:52:000:05:00
LTM: Ground Floor16:57:000:10:0017:07:000:03:00
Bathroom break17:10:000:05:0017:15:000:05:00
Dinner (Traditional British)17:20:001:00:0018:20:000:05:00
St. Pauls Church18:25:000:43:0019:08:000:00:00
Bathroom break19:08:000:05:0019:13:000:07:00
Purchase Tickets and Wait for Tube22:31:000:07:0022:38:000:04:00
Tube (Bakerloo)22:42:000:14:0022:56:000:14:00
Get ready for bed23:10:000:16:0023:26:000:00:00

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