Saturday, December 28, 2013

To and From Heathrow

By Mark Fitzgerald

Assuming the apartment that we are going to rent is within walking distance of Paddington Train Station and we are arriving at terminal 4 we have 3 choices.
  • Heathrow Express
    • A 15 minute ride, though you must take the Connect to Terminal 5, so it is pretty close to the same 23 minute ride as connect
    • The family cost would be £90
  • Heathrow Connect
  • Edgeware Road District Line on Platform 1 of Earl's Court Station by Paul Robertson on Flickr.  Used through Creative Commons.
    Platform 1 of Earl's Court Station
    • A 23 minute ride
    • One way trip for 3 kids, 3 adults is going to run £42.60 from the Heathrow connect website (National Rail Enquiries says £90)
    • Leaves every 15 minutes or so
  • Tube
    • Takes about 55 minutes and needs to transfer
    • £16.60 for the family at peak price - under £10 each way at off-peak. For me this time is worth the savings, but will be a hassle for luggage.
    • Leaves every 10 minutes
    • The transfer would be at Earls Court and can be done "Step free."
If you choose the tube you would arrive in Earls Court on platform 5, eastbound. Then you would head up, nearly to ground level, to the district line train labeled Edgware Road, platform 1.  This is the kicker with the tube, you get to do this with all of your bags - are your kids up to this?  For my family, I think so - but I also would be encouraging them to use backpacks and roller-boards.

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