Saturday, January 25, 2014

Visit Station Jim at Slough Railway Station

A landmark to see when passing through Slough Station
By Mark Fitzgerald

If your journey to Windsor Castle takes you through Slough Station take a moment to go over to platform 5 and find Station Jim.  Who is station Jim you may ask?  He is a Canine Collector of course.  A what?

The Dog Station Jim on display at Slough Station by JenGallardo on flickr.  Used through Creative Commons.
Station Jim on display at Slough Station
Station Jim was a dog that was found at the railway station in Slough in 1894.  The small puppy was taught tricks and to stay off the tracks.  He became a town mascot of sorts.  The people loved him.

Before long he someone strapped on a coin collection box to raise money for Widows and Orphans.  He started out slow until someone taught him to bark each time he received a coin.  Over two years he collected £40 (£40.00 in 1896 is equivalent to £3,822.71 in 2013).

But the good times didn't last.  He died in 1896.  The community paid to have him stuffed and put on display.  Over a hundred years later Station Jim is still with us standing guard over Slough Station.

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