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Taking to space with your family while visiting the London Science Museum

Tips for Visiting the London Museum of Science
by Mark Fitzgerald

As stated on the Natural History post, our itinerary includes 2 London museum attractions to visit as a single activity -- the London Museum of Natural History and London Museum of Science. Which to visit will depend on the day, for both have activities for the entire family.  Both are great museums and each have something to offer everyone in the family.  In our particular case the Science Museum lends itself to our older children and the Natural History Museum has more interest for the younger ones in our family.

Main hall of the London Science Museum by DanieVDM on Flickr.  Used through creative commons.
Main Hall of the Science Museum
Being that both museums are free we may visit both quickly, but they are fabulous museums that each deserve their own dedicated time.  Even though entrance to the Science Museum is free, there are upgrades, such as using flight simulators that can be purchased.  A donation of a couple of pounds would also be greatly appreciated.   There is not any advantage of having the London Pass with this attraction.

The Science Museum is a 6 story building with enough activities to keep any family busy. Our family would be most interested in the exhibit about space on the first floor and the flight lab on the third floor. The museum looks really good, but we have been to science museums all over the United States. I am not sure how different this will be. Science museums all seem to blend together over time.

Harrier in the Museum of Science by _Radim on Flickr.  Used through Creative Commons.
Harrier in the Museum of Science
If there is something this science museum has done well, it is the combination of old and new. For example they highlight steam engines and then show how steam engines have evolved and are part of today's technology.  I also think it shows the element of design in technology.

The Science museum has an iPad app that will make some of the exhibits interactive.  They also have some Chrome experiments that will work on you Android devices and help bring somethings to life.  They do have WiFi in the museum that you can use.  Make sure that your phone is set correctly.

Our family will likely spend the entire time in the science museum. Two and a half hours isn’t very much. We will do a separate post later for the Victoria and Albert Museum across the street. If we do split the time we will likely run in to see the dinosaurs at the London Museum of Natural History  for 30 minutes. There are ample, no charge restrooms, cafes and gift shops throughout each museum.

The nearest London Tube station is South Kensington which is served by the District, Piccadilly, and Circle Lines. There is an underground pedestrian walkway or subway that runs from the station directly to the main entrance of the Science Museum.  It was to be a pneumatic railway that was never build.   You can always use the London Transport option of riding a bike.  The bike dock is just down the road outside of the Exhibition Road entrance of the Natural History Museum.

A pretty good highlight of what can be found at the museum was put together by Andrew Davies on YouTube.  Though a bit blurry and shaky, it covers the main sections and you get a feel for all that is there.

Floor Plan of the London Science Museum:

Map of the London Science Museum
Map of the Science Museum and Natural History Museum

Going on a family vacation builds memories, provides life changing experiences and helps teach about the world we live in.  Take time to explore, enjoy and have fun.  If the London Science Museum sounded interesting, you may also like the Churchill War Rooms.  You can also look at our entire list of London Attractions.


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