Friday, July 31, 2015

The Queen Mary 2 with a family

The Queen Mary 2 with a family

By Mark Fitzgerald

Many people have asked us about our recent transatlantic crossing with the family on the Cunard Line Queen Mary 2.  The fact that this cruise is 7 days at sea with no ports of call and that life on a Cunard ship is more formal gives many families pause in selecting it as an option.  I suggest thinking again.  Lots has been written about activities aimed at adults but there isn't much from the kids perspective.

Since this is a large ship we will break it out into several posts including:
Overall the family loved having a time disconnects and away from our normal routine.  The ship was truly the destination and we enjoyed it.  It was also a great way to travel to Europe.  Rather than having jet lag we changed one time zone a day and easily adjusted.  When we got off we were all rested and ready to tour.

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