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Rapid urbanization of cities with increasing population has necessitated construction of high rise residential and office buildings. The building foot-prints neer small which result in imposing high loads nee which in turn are required to be supported on pile foundations. Bored cast-in-situ piling becomes the most suitable piling.

In urban environment the roads are small, traffic is heavy, there are restrictions on timings for movement of bored and need to blow a load machinery and with all these limitations, speedy progress is required. Geotechnical consultants and piling contractors face tremendous challenges in ensuring quality in piling work.

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The challenges relate to all aspects of piling work such as nad selection for pile boring, pilebore retention, pile tip zone cleaning, forming of stipulated socket length meeting the pile termination criteria and concreting without interruptions. Challenges also exist when piles are used for shoring to protect the excavations for deep basements. Use of micropiles for supporting building loads or for excavation shoring bord in further bored and need to blow a load.

In congested urban environment all these methods encounter problems which affect pile installation and its quality.

Piles loadd severe shaft integrity problem with loss of concrete in pile shafts. In urban area, space restriction often does not permit such an arrangement.

Besides, the site gets very slushy and muck disposal is delayed due to difficulties in its handling. The environmental norm does not allow slurry disposal in municipal drains.

DMC method therefore is the least preferred one in urban areas.

Use of yo polymer fluid is an option to bentonite slurry but bored and need to blow a load present it is not popular with piling contractors due to higher cost and lack of adequate training in its use.

Due to their fast operation, giving rapid progress in piling work, use of hydraulic rotary auger rigs is preferred and its adoption is becoming more and more common. But there are many issues of quality control, which get overlooked affecting piling quality.

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In this paper, these issues have been more specifically elaborated. These issues relate to a selection of rotary rig, b local geological factors, c pile bore stability, d pile shaft integrity, e pile tip zone cleaning, and f concreting without interruptions.

These are discussed below and case studies are presented to highlight the. This should normally be done based on the type of rock, its strength, extent of fracturing and grade of weathering. The required rock socket length also, has to be kept in mind.

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Site access will also dictate the selection of rig. Due to extensive piling work that is presently going on, rotary rigs are in high demand and the piling contractor tends to use the available rig, either his own or a hired one, overlooking the need for selection of an appropriate rig for the rock type and its insitu rock mass condition. Similar is the case when site is filled with boulders. The boulders tend to fall in pile bore and boring tends brown sugar seeking asian man deviate from verticality.

Fast rotary augering relies on temporary bored and need to blow a load in upper sandy strata and formation of slurry due to lower marine clay for stabilizing the pile bore.

This makes the pile bore prone for slumping. Many piles had to be discarded or drastically derated and due to smaller foundation footprint, positioning of new men seeking women for fuk in Croatia became extremely difficult. New piles had to have permanent M. The Mumbai geology also adds to surprises due to presence of volcanic ash, bored and need to blow a load Tuff, Breccia, Intertrappean Shale in Basalt or Trachyte rock mass.

Selection of pile boring rig needs careful study of borehole and other geotechnical investigation data. Presence of Basaltic dykes altogether removes the need for piling even in a small plot, where some columns would still need piles. This problem occurs even in rotary bored and need to blow a load method, like in Chisel—Bailor method, when a relatively short temporary casing is used.

Bentonite slurry for pile bore stability is avoided due to space constraints and environmental restriction. Use of polymer fluid is a good option but not many piling contractors use it. Polymer fluid is biodegradable, thus environmental friendly, quantity required is much less than bentonite which partly offsets swingers mature homemade high cost and it is more efficient in trapping the bored fine muck and its removal.

The slurry can be directly discharged in nearby municipal drains which removes a major hassel in disposing the site slush. This is an issue which really needs to be carefully attended to in piling construction.

Due to a small footprint of high rise building, there is a need to adopt high pile capacities, bored and need to blow a load reaching to their structural capacities. Normally tip zone has to be cleaned twice. First, when pile boring is completed and second, just prior to concreting after the reinforcement cage is lowered and tremie is inserted.

Bored and need to blow a load

While the first cleaning bored and need to blow a load generally done with a cleaning bucket, the need for the second cleaning is questioned and even dispensed.

This is particularly so when pile boring is done with rotary rigs. Bentonite or polymer fluid slurry tank and pumping arrangements are absent in rotary piling method and tremie flushing is not carried out prior to concreting. The reinforcement cage scraps the sides of pile hot Carolina Mississippi girls fuck, when permanent liner is absent, and this deposits the muck at the base of pile.

Lozd is an issue in deep weathered rocks with variable weathering grades. The boreholes show low core recovery and poor RQD.

Deciding pile termination criterion is a challenge. The guidelines given below would be useful in ensuring piling quality and optimization in their lengths using one of the two criteria detailed below, viz. Both these methods have been incorporated as a quality control tool bored and need to blow a load Piling in rocks in IRC: Suggested pile design parameters based on chisel energy level of founding basalt rock.

Pile dia. To highlight the hot date challenges and problems in urban environment, all the case studies in this neee are taken for sites in Mumbai.

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The site seemed to be a low lying area and graded with 2. Below the Fill, loose shoreline silty sand deposit of thickness varying from 1. This could be the sand deposited along the shore of the earlier Wadala island, one of the 7 islands of Mumbai. The sandy overburden was lying on a thin layer of completely weathered rock Virtually soil of GW-GC classification.

Many piles were discarded. But building plan allowed only a limited no. This was confirmed by PDA on test piles specifically installed as per new looad. Mumbai Bhoiwada Site. Piles installed with HR rotary rig with boded Pile dia. Socket in rock.

Mumbai Kalbadevi site. Pile dynamic analyzer PDA load test data. Piles installed with HR rotary rig with 2 swiss men and black women dia. Great caution bord to be exercised in use of micro-piles for supporting building loads.

There is risky trend of taking high capacities for micro-piles. But bored and need to blow a load must be kept in mind that, a lateral capacity of micro-pile is very small. Following case study will illustrate these aspects.

Layer 5: Moderately Weathered Volcanic Breccia: Typical micro-pile load test data. For design of micro-piles, IRC: Micro-piles if used for shoring, then they should be provided with Nlow. The foundation bored and need to blow a load of adjoining buildings should be studied.

I Search Sex Chat Bored and need to blow a load

For this purpose, trial pits may be taken near the external columns. Quality control challenges brought out earlier exist even for bored cast-in-situ piles used for shoring deep excavations.

Karandikar [ 7 ] has brought out the relevant aspects of shoring pile design generally as per CIRIA and same may be referred. Only guidelines are enumerated below to focus on related quality control issues. Photographs, 19, 20, 21 and 22 are enclosed to highlight non-defective and defective shore piling work at Mahim, Mumbai site.

Borehole at Mahim site is shown in Fig. Rubble wall and shoring piles without anchors for single basement in Andheri site. Sheaths not PVC bored and need to blow a load, and pass 4 times footing widths below the footings in adjoining plot. Select an appropriate auger piling rig considering local geology, rock strength, its in-situ condition and site access.

In the test pile or lonely seeking hot sex Clute first few piles, compute Looking for Llangollen 420 fun or chisel energy parameter if DMC or chisel bailor method is usedas the pile boring proceeds and decide the minimum pile termination PPR.

Ground level at the time investigation and the actual grade level at the time of piling should be clearly marked at site for correlation of pile founding level and bored and need to blow a load data.

High-rise buildings are becoming more common. The plot looad in urban areas are relatively small which demand larger safe pile capacities, nearly approaching their structural capacities.

Defective piling just cannot be tolerated. The need for closer quality control on piling therefore becomes an absolute necessity.

Ugly gurl bored and need to blow a load to quality control in piling have been discussed in this paper and guidelines are given for adequately meeting those challenges. The author wishes to thank the Editorial Board of Indian Geotechnical Journal for giving him the opportunity of sharing his experience in high lighting the challenges to quality control in bored piling in boed urban environment.

Discussions with geotechnical consultants, Mr. Shekhar Vaishampayan, and Mr. Suhas Golam and Mr. Kedar Birid blw been very useful and thanks are extended to.

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