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Manny in spanish

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Got it. English Spanish.

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English - Spanish. Showing page 1.

You break it In each episode when Manny and the Tools leave for the repair, they see Mr. Lopart with his pet cat Fluffy in front of his candy store.

Lopart would try to do something on his own without any prior experience. Manny offers him to help but Mr.

Lopart says that he doesn't need any help, after Manny and the Tools leave the item Mr. Lopart was building would malfunction and cause a mess.

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Once Manny and the tools arrive at the repair site, they collaborate on the best way to fix the broken item. Manny then goes to Kelly's hardware store where she always mnny the item that they need. Once they have the manny in spanish needed for the repair, manny in spanish go back to the work-site and sing "We Work Together" while performing the repairs.

In each episode, the item is fixed.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fernando Rivas Rick Gitelson.

Pam Lehn Rick Gitelson. Main article: List of Handy Manny episodes.

Retrieved July 31, Retrieved September 1, Kids will find a lot to like in this fall's new TV shows". Log in.

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