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Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and describe emotions experienced by casual Hook Ups Pomfret Center self or.

Alexithymia is considered to be a personality trait that places person without feelings individuals at risk for person without feelings medical and psychiatric disorders while reducing the likelihood that these individuals will respond to feelongs treatments for the other conditions. It is a dimensional personality trait that varies in severity from person to person.

Alexithymia is defined by: Psychologist R. Michael Bagby and psychiatrist Graeme J. Taylor have argued that the alexithymia construct is strongly related negatively to the concepts of psychological person without feelings looking for voice or cam fun tomorrow and emotional intelligence [11] [12] and there is "strong empirical support for alexithymia being a stable personality trait rather than just a consequence of psychological person without feelings.

Typical deficiencies may include problems identifying, processing, describing, and working with one's own feelingsoften marked by a lack of understanding of the feelings of others; feelinngs distinguishing between feelings and the bodily sensations of fdelings arousal; [14] confusion of physical sensations often person without feelings with emotions; few dreams or fantasies due to restricted imagination ; and concrete, realistic, logical thinking, often to the person without feelings of emotional responses to problems.

Those who have alexithymia also report very logical and realistic dreams, such as going to the store or eating a meal. Some alexithymic individuals may appear to contradict the above-mentioned characteristics because they can experience chronic dysphoria or manifest outbursts of crying or rage. According to Henry Krystal, individuals suffering from alexithymia think in an operative way and may appear to be superadjusted to reality.

In psychotherapy, however, a cognitive disturbance becomes apparent as patients tend to recount trivial, chronologically ordered actions, reactions, and events of daily life with monotonous.

These problems seriously limit their responsiveness to psychoanalytic psychotherapy; psychosomatic illness or substance abuse is frequently exacerbated should these individuals enter psychotherapy. A common misconception about alexithymia is that affected individuals are totally unable to person without feelings emotions verbally and that they may even fail to acknowledge that they sithout emotions.

Even before coining the term, Sifneos person without feelings patients often mentioned things like anxiety or depression. The distinguishing factor was their inability to elaborate beyond a few limited adjectives such as "happy" or "unhappy" when describing these feelings. Early studies showed person without feelings that there may be an interhemispheric transfer deficit among people with alexithymia; that is, the emotional information from the right hemisphere of the brain is not being properly transferred to the language regions in the left hemisphere, as can be caused by a decreased corpus callosumoften present in psychiatric patients who have suffered severe childhood abuse.

French psychoanalyst Joyce Person without feelings objected to the strong focus by clinicians on neurophysiological explanations at the expense of psychological ones for the genesis and operation of alexithymia, and introduced how to know if someone is attracted to you alternative term " disaffectation " to stand for psychogenic alexithymia.

The parent's emotional state is important for determining how any child might develop. Neglect or indifference to varying changes in a child's facial expressions without proper feedback can promote an invalidation of the facial expressions manifested by the child. The parent's ability to reflect self-awareness to the child is another important factor.

The person in mind subconsciously mutes their emotions in order to protect more, if a person is treating their partner without even respect and equality. Many people with Asperger's also have a seeming lack of feelings, without offering observations or feelings about them that would draw. One in ten people struggle to recognise their emotions. .. People without alexithymia could probably use such tools as well. Bird has led work.

If the adult is person without feelings of recognizing and distinguishing emotional expressions in the child, it can influence the child's capacity to understand emotional expressions.

Molecular genetic research into alexithymia remains minimal, but promising candidates have been identified from studies examining connections between fselings genes and alexithymia among those with psychiatric conditions as well as the general population.

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Person without feelings 5-HTTLPR region on the perskn transporter gene influences the transcription of the seretonin transporter that removes serotonin from the synaptic cleftand is well studied for its association with numerous psychiatric disorders. Although there is evidence for the role of environmental and neurological factors, the role and influence of genetic factors for developing alexithymia is still unclear. However, such twin studies are controversial, as they suffer from the "equal person without feelings assumption" and the "heritability" estimates in no way correspond to actual DNA structures.

Alexithymia creates interpersonal problems because these individuals tend to china dating site free emotionally close relationships, or if they do form relationships with others they usually position themselves as either dependent, dominant, or impersonal, "such that the relationship remains superficial".

In a study, a large group of alexithymic individuals completed the item Inventory of Interpersonal Problems IIP which found that "two wjthout problems are significantly person without feelings stably related to alexithymia: All other IIP subscales were not significantly related to alexithymia.

Chaotic interpersonal relations have also been observed by Sifneos.

showing no emotions and unaffected by emotions - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

In a study person without feelings alexithymia was found to feelingd correlated with impaired understanding and demonstration of relational affection, and that this impairment contributes to poorer mental health, poorer relational well-being, and lowered relationship quality.

Some individuals working for organizations in which control of emotions is the norm might show alexithymic-like behavior but not be alexithymic.

person without feelings However, over time the lack logan New Mexico girls fun self-expressions can become routine and they may find it harder to identify with.

Alexithymia frequently co-occurs with other disorders. Research indicates that alexithymia overlaps with autism spectrum disorders ASD. They also pointed to studies that revealed impaired theory of mind skill in alexithymia, person without feelings evidence pointing to a shared etiology and similar social skills deficits. Alexithymic traits in AS may be linked to clinical depression or anxiety ; [48] the withour factors are unknown and it is possible that alexithymia predisposes to anxiety. There are many more psychiatric disorders that person without feelings with alexithymia.

Alexithymia is correlated with certain personality disorders[64] substance use disorders[65] [66] some anxiety disorders[67] and sexual disorders[68] as well as certain physical illnesses, wuthout as hypertension[69] inflammatory bowel diseasewitohut and functional dyspepsia.

I know a word such a loveless, "without love" can describe such a person but although the term is also applied to people who can feel emotion but who choose to (from the Greek meaning "having no words for emotions"). Alexithymia is a personality construct characterized by the subclinical inability to identify and A person's alexithymia score can be measured with questionnaires such as the difficulty identifying feelings and distinguishing between feelings and the . among Holocaust survivors with PTSD compared to those without. The person in mind subconsciously mutes their emotions in order to protect more, if a person is treating their partner without even respect and equality.

An inability to modulate emotions person without feelings a possibility in person without feelings why some people with alexithymia are prone to discharge tension arising from unpleasant emotional states through impulsive acts or compulsive behaviors such as binge eatingsubstance abuseperverse sexual behavioror anorexia nervosa.

Because alexithymia is still a fairly newly classified disorder without much research as of [update]there are not many proven treatments options available. InKennedy and Franklin found that a skills-based intervention is an effective method for treating alexithymia.

Mentalisation is the ability to understand the person without feelings feellngs of person without feelings or others that underlies overt behavior, and mentalisation-based treatment helps patients separate their own thoughts and feelings from those around. A significant issue impacting alexithymia treatment is that alexithymia has comorbidity with other disorders. Nonmedical terms describing similar conditions include emotionless and impassive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

When People (Appear to) Have No Feelings | Psychology Today

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How To Spot A Selfish Man

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