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If you make an undersexed woman that needs some extra fun, send me a reply and lets go from. Any ladies want to stop over and give me an extra special wake up.

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Logout My Stuff Login Register. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Most Attractive Sexy male names Names? Join Date Nov Posts 3, I find myself drawn to certain male names because they would be cute for a toddler boy.

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TimmyBenji sexy male names. Others because they are old-fashioned Uncle or Grandpa names. ArthurFred. And then there are the names I wish I had dated! What are your top ten male adult names that you find devastatingly attractive?

Mine are: Graham 2.

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Keir 3. Tavish 4. Roger 5. Edmund 6.

Bram 7. Timothy 8. Dane 9. Rainier Galen and IsaacArchieand Torsten! Donovan 2. Dion 3. Ramone 4. Raoul 5. Rhett 6. Dean 7. Roman 8. Lane 9. Sexy male names Join Date Jan Posts 2, Felix Not only I adore the sound of it, it fits all mape naming criteria.

It's a win-win! Milo Feels modern and vintage, international and pleasant pleasure sex exotic, cool and nerdy at the same time. James My ultimate guilty pleasure Doesn't fit my naming criteria sexy male names all, but I love it and I adore Jamie.

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Sebastian Sophisticated with a tint of eccentric aristocratic. Would so fit in my family! Silas A new entrant. It makes me think of my dad female escort ireland the time and I can't figure why. Oliver Fits my naming criteria sexy male names except that it's getting too popular Oscar Wilde would make such an amazing namesake.

Theodore Not one sexy male names two amazing personal associations and the adorable nickname Theo.

Dashiell Probably shouldn't be. Posts 24, I find vulnerability sexy male names sexy on a guy, haha, whether it be kindness, loving children, humility, or even just liking "softer" subjects like music and literature.

I couldn't tell you why. Graham fits all those for me, and any guy I imagine with the name Graham sounds like a really great guy.

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The others are fine and I like SebastianSilasand Sexy male names a lot! Ashley dreamer Christian storyteller. Oh, this is a great one.

The Sexiest Male Names Ranked By Sexiness

It feels very smooth and handsome and friendly, and yet sensitive at the same time. Joseph strong and classic 3. Jack 3. Mark 4. Tristan 5. Erik much sexier with the Zexy I guess I find Sexy male names endings very sexy 6. Very continental feeling.

Is Your Name Sexy? Our Ultimate List Of Sexy Irish Names

Rory 9. Elliot I prefer Eli as a name, but Elliot feels very appealing to me as a potential partner Join Date Jul Posts 1, Callen 2.

Russell 3. Jack 4. Tucker 5. Alec 6. Declan 7. Max 8.

Sexy male names

Sebastian 9. Eamon Holden All of those were the first that came to mind when I thought of "attractive" boy names. They aren't necessarily sexy male names favorite, but they definitely read handsome to me.

Kaitlyn Name lover No babies, just planning. Check out my Name Blog!

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I am liking a lot of your choices: Some of these are great husband type names, but a number of them have msle lover energy as well, which Fredmuch as I like it, lacks. This was hard to sexy male names since I sexy male names not straight, but I am going by the vibe and look and sound of these names.

I have no clue where Balthazar came from and how I knew how to spell it. This is a great list! Originally Posted by ashleyjuliette.

I'm answering without reading any other replies, but I'm looking forward to reading the other responses once I'm done! Popular Baby Names.

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